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Butterfly earrings

Butterfly earrings

Made with your flowers and special memories.


Please don't hesitate to contact me for more inquires. I can help you decide what is the best option for your flowers. I'm here to make the process easier for you.


Please note that only your petals will be used for this piece and not the whole flower.

Material: 100% Sterling Silver

  • Things you need to know

    I work with most flowers ( except for lilies, daisies, calendula and tulips). The final product depends on the freshness of your flowers or how dry they are when I recieve them. I use silica gel to dry fresh flowers, I can't control how a flower dries (shape and color wise). I always do my best to create the most unique design for your flowers. Please note resin is a unique art and no two items look the same, specially when working with flowers. The end result also depends on your custom requests, not all requests will have the same results as the products shown on my website, therefore, I suggest sticking to the designs shown on my website.

  • How to send your flowers (International)

    Make sure your flowers are full dry before you send them out to me in the mail, fresh flowers will rot while they’re being shipped (this only applies to international orders) It’s very important to package your petals in a way that will protect them from any potential damage, you can use bubble wrap as an option. Please leave a note with your name and order number in the envelope, this is a very important step.

  • How to send your flowers (UAE)

    A pick up service will be scheduled for your flowers within 2-3 woking days from placing an order. You can send me your flowers in a paper or a plastic bag,  just make sure to write your name and order number on the bag.

  • Jewelry care

    Pure Silver(no plating): suitable to wear/ shower in a daily basis

    To polish silver, use soap, hand sanitizer or lemon juice.


    Gold plated: Not suitable to shower with

    Avoid contact with perfume or other chemicals 


    Always keep your jewelry in an air-tight bag/ jewellery box to avoid oxidization



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